With this HD Map,
cars drive into the future.



Advanced technology extended to familiar roads
Synchronized, cross-border advancements
Delivering the future to all vehicles

Contributions to upcoming advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving

The evolution of High-Precision 3D Map data (HD maps) with centimeter-class high accuracy will contribute to the further popularization of advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving. It will also bring about new safety and comfort for a mobile society while creating new potential for and further enriching people's lifestyles.


Our High-Precision 3D data supports our customers in a variety of fields,
including automotive, development of various social infrastructures,
disaster prevention and mitigation conducted by national and local governments.
We contribute to safety, security, labor saving and efficiency in these fields
as well as other fields such as research institutes, smart cities, logistics, and transportation.

Provision of High-Precision 3D data

For Autonomous Driving including Automated Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
Various applications including for development of social infrastructure
Ushr Inc., our group company in North America
Ushr Inc., our group company in North America
For AD and ADAS developed in North America


All Japan's Wisdom gathered
in one solid technology

With the backing of the Japanese government,
our company was established under the all Japan structure,
uniting Japan's top-level companies in measuring instruments, surveying, mapping, and automobile industries.
We have been certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure,
Transport and Tourism as a public survey planning organization.
Our High-Precision 3D data using the most advanced and sophisticated technology
is attracting attention from various countries and industries.
A chart showing interrelation of Japan's top companies in the fields of measuring instruments, surveying, mapping, and automotives have invested together. INCJ, Ltd. JAPAN INFRASTRUCTURE INITIATIVE Co., Ltd Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. MITSUI & CO., LTD. Aisan Technology Co., Ltd. Pasco Corporation Increment P Corporation Zenrin Co., Ltd. Toyota Motor Corporation Isuzu Motors Ltd. Suzuki Motor Corporation Subaru Corporation Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. Toyota Mapmaster Inc. Nissan Motor Corporation Hino Motors, Ltd. Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Mazda Motor Corporation Mitsubishi Motor Corporation

Centimeter class High-Precision data

High-Precision 3D Map data(HD Map) are generated by combining the most advanced surveying technology, mapping technology, as well as data integration technology, achieving absolute accuracy of the centimeter level accuracy. It contributes to AD/ADAS, which require a high degree of precision, as the key to realize comfort and safety.

Specifications meeting the requirements of automobile manufacturers

The requirements of 10 Japanese automobile manufacturers are integrated into a single High-Precision 3D Map data(HD Map) as a cooperative domain providing data commonly required in a limited data size. It has been highly evaluated by overseas automobile manufacturers and Tier 1 companies as well.

Global Business Development

High-Precision 3D Map data(HD Map) produced by Ushr Inc. are used in the Cadillac Super Cruise™ autonomous driving system, which was launched by General Motors (GM) in North America ahead of others in the world. We aim to expand the service to other overseas countries as well.