Development of digital "Dynamic Map" is one of key components to realize automated driving and safety drive assistance systems.

The government is promoting the development and commercialization of automated driving and safe driving support systems and the utilization of traffic data as priority measures for realizing the world’s safest, environmentally friendly, and economical road traffic society.
The development of Dynamic Map, which incorporates static, quasi-static, quasi-dynamic, and dynamic information into a digital map, is a central, important element in realizing automated driving and safe driving support systems.
To promptly meet the needs for high-precision Three-Dimensional map data that can contribute to the development of advanced automated driving and safe driving support systems, we at Dynamic Map Platform will make committed efforts to develop map data for expressways and motorways in Japan.

Message from President

The commencement of operations of a Japanese GPS system called Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) in fiscal 2018 will usher in an era in which centimeter-level position information will be able to be acquired easily. However, poor map precision will render that information inaccurate and impractical for use. Therefore, we will make dedicated efforts to develop high-precision Three-Dimensional map data of expressways and motorway in Japan, toward the realization of automated driving and safe driving support systems.
We also aim to contribute to the realization of the government’s vision of a Super Smart Society (Society 5.0) (see note), by expanding the scope of our Three-Dimensional map data to include general roads, and exploring its application to disaster prevention, disaster mitigation and the maintenance and management of social infrastructure.

Note: A concept for disseminating and promoting the future vision of a Super Smart Society in which cyber space and physical space (real world) are intricately intertwined, through the Society 5.0* series of initiatives for advancing the realization of a Super Smart Society

* So called with the implication that transformations for creating a new society that will take after the hunter-gatherer society, agricultural society, industrial society, and information society, shall be led by scientific and technological innovation (cited from the 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan)

President Tsutomu Nakajima

PresidentTsutomu Nakajima

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